Macroeconomics Research Unit

About Us

Our vision is to be an internationally recognised research unit producing high impact contemporary research that provides solutions to Africa’s challenges

We strive to create knowledge through research that will contribute to the development and enhancement of the macroeconomics field from a regional, national and international context.

We adhere to high ethical research standards in line with international academic values by creating an inclusive atmosphere that promotes the culture of respect, trust and diversity with the goal of fostering innovation, collaboration and multidisciplinary research.

  • To develop and deliver innovative, educational and applied research programs that meet Africa’s policy decisions.
  • Informing the macroeconomic curriculum through high quality research.
  • Conducting training on modern macroeconomic research tools.
  • Knowledge interchange and collaboration.
  • MRU is part of a Co-operation Agreement between Trade and Investment KwaZuluNatal(TIKZN) and the University of KwaZulu-Natal(UKZN) to facilitate an establishment of a relationship between the two parties through mutual obligations aimed at the development of joint research projects, research and development for investors and traders , sectoral analysis, macro and micro economic issues including statistics and education and training (industry level) though the development of study programmes for Masters, Doctoral and Post-Doctoral research and supporting each other with courses, seminars, academic visits, symposiums, etc. that involve teaching and senior professional/administrative staff of the two organisations.
  • Collaborating with the Democracy Development Program on driving public discussion and engagement through seminars on State Owned Enterprises which seek to unpack the narrative of State Capture, and to make visible both the inadequacies of actions undertaken thus, as well as the points at which our institutions have remained steadfast in their transparency, accountability and intentions to re-invigorate public trust.
  • MRU organises Writing for Publication Works targeted at PhD candidates that focuses structuring a journal article; research collaboration; post PhD research; predatory journals; grants; identifying where to publish and referencing. MRU also hosts public lectures and seminars in partnership with industry experts to ensure that its research is not only relevant but also of high quality and has resulted in Iinternationals Monetary Fund’s (IMF) Senior Resident Representative in South Africa, Dr. Montfort Mlachila becoming UKZN’s Honorary Research Fellow. MRU also funds its members to attend national conferences.
  • MRU members have published more than 100 articles in journals accredited by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DoHET). Many of this articles are in high impact international journals (a list of the publications is available on request).